Don’t Even Think Of Coaching Without Knowing Successful Coaches’ Secrets To Winning and Keeping Your Athletes and Parents Happy
Failure can cost you friends, lifetime scars for the kids,  and even lawsuits
Imagine it’s mid-season and, in your mind, your team seems to be humming along in contention for the playoffs. Your players have come a long way since the beginning of the season and you think you’ve finally got a handle on their strengths and weaknesses.    

All of a sudden at your next weekend tournament everything falls apart. It starts with your best player getting injured and you choose a replacement. The parent of another kid who got passed over for that replacement corners you after the game to lobby for his kid. You start to hear grumblings...
In a study, 48% of parents reported their child quit a sport because they didn’t like the coach
Now during games when you happen to walk near your players, their conversations stop and they get real quiet. You’ve always known which players don’t like each other but by the end of the weekend, even good friends are making snide comments to each other. It seems like a cancer has invaded your team.

The league director sends you a text asking telling you to call him to discuss your best player’s injury and the league policies of “player over-utilization” (you’ve never even heard of) and how you handled the injury on the field.

You feel real lonely when your assistant coach, who had been very helpful, is now spending his time between games whispering with other parents in the stands when he used to confide in you.  
Under The Surface, Players Are Seething
At the end of the tournament, 3 players ask what they can do to get more playing time and all you can come up with are uninspiring suggestions like: “You just need to work harder” or “You have to be more aggressive” or “You need to be a better team player” ...and they leave in total frustration (almost as much as your own frustration).

Flash forward to Monday morning and a feeling of dread comes over you as your email inbox is bombarded with complaints from parents. They are questioning your decisions, advocating for their kid to play more and telling you how you should fix all of it. One of them even demands their kid get switched to a certain position the next game or they will leave the team.
You have no idea how to handle all these parent’s complaints
There is a solution. 
Getting it right from the start! Then you have a shot at a great season where everyone is happy. But, even if you are in the midst of disaster, it’s not too late to repair it all.

There are brilliant coaches out there who have figured this out and you can follow their lead. This is not rocket science but you can learn what what does and does not work from those in the know.

Get the complete library of training specifically for youth coaches put together  by one of the top youth sports coaches in the USA - 
Aaron Locks.
   Lead & coached over 125,000 kids for over 3 decades
   Founder of the National Academy of Athletics   
   Sought-after instructor to deliver workshops for youth sports coaches across the country 
   Author of 4 youth sports books for coaches
   Mentored and worked for world-reknowned coaches like: John Wooden, Pat Riley, Dusty Baker,             George Karl, Don Nelson
   NCAA referee for 11 years and today trains other referees. 
   Even Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2
What Do You Get In This Program?
25 easy-to-follow instructional videos by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable youth sports instructors on the planet. "Locks' program is a necessity for first time coaches and provides unique, pointed solutions for veteran coaches."

Learn tools and strategies to help guarantee a successful coaching season for you, your athletes, and their parents.
Module 1 
"MUST DO'S" Before The Season Starts 
Module 2
World Class Player Development
Module 3
Leadership During The Game 
Module 4
Expert Coach 
Start the right way from the beginning and you will eliminate 85% of errors most coaches make with the parents and their athletes.
    4 skills you MUST develop to eliminate conflicts with parents and athletes.
    Discover how to prepare for the season so 90% of potential problems don't happen.
    Assistant coaches can make or break you - set up and utilize their help with maximum efficiency.
    Coaching your own child: Avoid the pitfalls and make it a powerful bonding experience.
    Get your head clear by going in with accurate/realistic expectations.
    How to conduct your initial parent meeting to make parents love you all season.
    Lock's 3-pronged approach ensures a positive experience for everyone.
Communication, practice/training methods, and powerful instruction techniques to bring out the best performances in every athlete.
    Tactics to push your athletes to their potential while keeping their ego intact.
    5 strategies to optimize your practices so that your athletes get past performance anxiety.
    Be prepared to coach today's kids differently than you probably were. If you mess this up it can lead to disaster.
    Easy-to-follow formula to that works every time with youth.
    How to create a team environment so desirable that kids across town compete to be on your team the next year.
    Discover the RIGHT way to teach kids the healthy value of competition and winning.
    Your child's special needs: food, allergies, learning issues, experience, ability, etc.
    How to get and keep a deep RESPECT from your athletes.
How to conduct yourself from the start to gain and teach respect from your players and parents.
    What to look for when drafting players and why. (Hint: it’s not just pure talent).
    Correct way to cut players that helps the kids instead of hurting them.
    How to talk with referees and officials to maximize winning benefits for your team (They are human!).
    How to become your very best as a Leader, Mentor, Counselor and Motivator.
    Learn how to discipline your players to improve team morale and have the players and parents thank you for it.
    How to use positive motivation rather than punishment to turn a destructive player around.
    What to do during pre-game, half time, and post games to maximize athletic talent and performance in competition.
Quick, easy-to-apply solutions to everyday problems that will definitely come up.
    How to coach young athletes on success and failure so they become better regardless of how the team does.
    Get into the mindset of the age group you are coaching to appear as if you have the ability to read their minds.
    Be ready with the proper coach response to player injuries.
    Learn the critically important differences between coaching girls and boys; and  dealing with girls playing on boys            teams.
    How to tailor your coaching approach to the league and program you coach in. 
This Training Is Invaluable And Something You Can Refer Back To 
For The Rest Of Your Coaching Life.
Now Is The Time, Don't Wait!
  • Before The Season Starts
  • World Class Player Development
  • Leadership During The Game
  • Expert Coach Solutions
Receive a special bonus training module designed specifically for youth sports coaches by Craig Sigl, The Mental Toughness Trainer for youth sports: “Learn How To Help Your Athletes Improve Their Focus And Boost Their Confidence”
Use some of Craig’s high-level Mind Tricks to have parents calling you a coaching guru when they see how you lift their kids up to their potential.

Create mental game meetings with these tactics or solve individual player’s problems. Either way, these are proven techniques from Craig’s years of turning around athletes from any performance issues.

Value - $79.00. Yours free with your purchase only if you buy within 5 days. This bonus disappears when the timer expires.
“Do I Need This Program?”
...you might be asking this question right about now. And I wouldn’t blame you, but you’ve got to ask yourself some better questions if you're going to be a youth sports coach: 

  Am I willing to take chances on making enemies out of friends and neighbors in my community because I took shortcuts or just didn’t know what I was doing?
  How much of my time am I willing to spend on issues this season? (Because guess what...when you don't front-load your efforts as a coach, you will spend countless hours dealing with parent and athlete problems)
  What are the hidden costs of my not knowing what can hurt me as a coach?
✓   What is it worth to me to help these kids learn valuable life skills and set them up to have a winning season?

You can fly to California and take one of Aaron's coach workshops in person and all the costs and expenses associated with that...


You can purchase Aaron's complete training and get started immediately from the comfort of your own home and own it for the rest of your life for only $77.

This information is not in any book. You can't get it anywhere else in one complete package like this. And the bonus material by Craig Sigl is not offered anywhere else.
World Class Testimonials For Aaron Locks
Aaron has a special way with children. He is an exceptional   role model and his energy is quite contagious.
John Wooden - Most NCAA Championships Of All Time
Aaron is very perceptive to the needs and moods of the players, yet disciplined enough to give them direction and guidance.
Pat Riley, 5 time NBA championship Coach
“Here is the deal, Aaron gets it! His knowledge of the game is great but his ability to teach is even better. Kids love him.” 

George Karl, NBA head coach with over 1,000 Wins
I found at my camps there was no one better at organization and implementation than Aaron. He made it look easy.
Don Nelson, Most wins as an NBA Coach
“I was unsure of how everyone would buy in to what Aaron was presenting. However I must say that he did it. I received very positive feedback from our coaches, players and parents.We are looking forward to taking the next step with Aaron next season.”
Amy McClinitock, President - Redwood Pal Football
Our program has over 3,000 participants each year. Aaron and his staff have been an instrumental part of our success for over 8 years. Aaron does an amazing job of presenting topics in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and really hits home.
Judy McNeil, President - Lafayette / Moraga Youth Association
“The information Aaron shared with our coaches and parents was spot on.The coaches retreat really helped to get our entire organization on the same page. Like most youth sports organizations, the parents have been one of our biggest challenges.The way Aaron presented the info to the parents helped to get them on the same page with our coaches.”
Angie Scardina, Team Parent Coordinator - RP Warriors Football Club
Imagine Yourself Being The Type Of Coach That Makes A Powerful Difference In Kids' Lives By:
   Make a lasting impression on young player’s lives that helps them mature and grow into to their best selves on and off the field from your coaching.
 ✓  Create lifetime friends with the parents and the players on your team.
 ✓  Experience the joy of watching a group of kids under your care come together like a family and the excitement on their faces when they come through under pressure.

Think about this for a second...when adults look back on their youth sports participation, do you think they remember any particular game or even season? Nope.

You know what we all remember as adults looking back? The coaches and their impact on us.
Do You Want To Be Remembered For The 
Powerful Life Lessons You Taught? Or As Just A Babysitter?
Aaron Locks
"A coach’s job is to get everybody like minded. If you can get the parents, coaches and players all on the same page at the start, we know they will have an amazingly positive experience. My 3-pronged approach will do that for you." 

60-day Money Back Guarantee
We're so absolutely sure that Aaron Lock's "Secrets Of Successful Youth Sports Coaches" video training will ensure a successful season for you that we're offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason "Secrets" does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 60 days from your purchase and we'll refund the purchase price to you right away! 
No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose! We have eliminated all risk to you. Do you think a professional like Aaron Lock is going to risk his reputation by having even one person unsatisfied with a small purchase such as this? Not a chance. We know you will be extremely happy with this training.
  • Before The Season Starts
  • World Class Player Development
  • Leadership During The Game
  • Expert Coach Solutions
Can I watch the online videos on my smartphone, iphone, Android, ipad or other mobile device?
Yes, you can stream them live on any device that has access to the internet.
How do I know this will work for me?
The only way this won't work for you is if you buy it and put it on the shelf and don't do anything with it. Even if you do that and ask for a refund, we'll refund you.
Can I buy over the phone?
Yes, just call 1-855-433-7545 during business hours Pacific Time (Los Angeles Time). Leave a message after hours and a representative will call you back to take your order.
Does this training apply to all sports coaching?
Yes, even if you coach individual sports like tennis or wrestling or gymnastics, you will learn extremely useful ways of engaging with parents, keeping kids' attention, setting the expectations for all involved, utilizing assistants and much more. 
  • Before The Season Starts
  • World Class Player Development
  • Leadership During The Game
  • Expert Coach Solutions
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