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CRAIG SIGL has personally worked with thousands of professional and amateur athletes worldwide. He is the author of 9 peak performance programs sold in 36 countries and write to over 26,000 athletes in his newsletters and blogs.
Message To Athletes, Coaches, Parents: 
Dear Parent/Coach/Athlete, 

As a parent of 2 boys, I personally know there is nothing more gratifying and fulfilling for a parent to be there when their kids step confidently up to the stage of sport and life and fully express their talent, drive, desire, and passion...and come through with flying colors! 

When they have that kind of SOLID CONFIDENCE, you can see it in their body posture, their eyes and they can hear it in their voice, right? 

You just know they are going to crush it and it's so exciting! (They know it too, as I've heard from hundreds of kids.)  

Have you felt that sense of pride that fills your entire body when your kid comes off the field/court/arena with a huge smile, standing tall, and accepting the congratulations from everyone around in that bubble of absolute joy? 

Doesn't that alone make all those trips to practices/games and money spent...More than worth it? 

On the other hand... We also know, all too well, the DEEP HURT WE FEEL WITH THEM as we watch our kids STRUGGLE when they LACK CONFIDENCE AND UNDERPERFORM. 

That hurt hits me right in the chest when I see that in my boys and I'm sure it's even worse for them. We know they have the skills and abilities. 

We know they can do it, yet something just seems to go wrong inside their head and they don't get the success they want and have worked so hard for.  

Often it happens right in front of us like a slow-motion train wreck and sometimes lasts a couple days... and it's really frustrating, as a parent, to helplessly watch that, isn't it?   

We tell them what they need to do to improve but it feels like you're talking to a wall. Sometimes they even say back to you: "I'm fine" when you know they're not. This doesn't have to happen! 


By the way, I practice what I preach for my own golf game and rec softball.  Confidence on the tee or at the plate is everything!

Craig Sigl
Mental Toughness Trainer
How Much More RESPECT Would Be Yours If You (Your Athlete) Were Confident On Command...
When It Mattered The Most?
Shift that negative attitude to an empowered unstoppable mindset! 
Confidence is the answer to athletes and competitors performance problems:
  • Too nervous
  • Lack of aggressiveness
  • Low motivation
  • Fear of failure/mistakes
  • Not being able to bring their best practice game over to competition
  • Gives up easily
  • Negative self talk
  • Beating themselves up from perfectionism
  • Not making friends with their peers
Building Confidence Can Be Done By 
Training, Practice & Proper Technique 
Just Like Learning Physical Skills
My R.A.C.E Formula Training Methodology makes it all happen! 
This formula drills to the student the skill of building confidence and the ability to bring it consistently to competition for dramatically improved performance and long term self respect.

Start Your Confidence Training Now!

Only $99

Confidence From Scratch Is An Online Video Training Program In 12 Modules Of 5 To 12 Minutes Each With2 Downloadable Audio Guided Visualizations.
It was specifically created for teens, pre-teen athletes and competitors and can be accessed 24-hrs/day on any device connected to the internet - computers, tablets and smart phones.
Craig Sigl, mental toughness trainer, teaches athletes & competitors powerful life skills, tools, and mental tactics. 
This training shift the way the athletes' brain processes from the typical automatic nervous, stress or negative response to an empowered "unstoppable" mindset.
 I'm Not Sure My Athlete Actually Use This Training. How Can You Help?
A. If your athlete is under about 13 or so, then it is advisable to do the training with them. This is a fantastic bonding and connection experience that also allows you to integrate it with your team's values. 5-12 minutes at a time keeps their attention.

B. For older or mature athletes, I made a special video talking to them directly that you can access here: Mental Toughness Trainer Talking to Young Athletes Directly. The key to getting athletes to do any type of mental game work is to point out the problems and issues they are having that are solved by having confidence. It's not a tough sell at all for kids to want confidence. Just ask them "How would you like to be a lot more confident?"  

C. You have a 60 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee if your kid never gets to the training. 

 Is There A Guarantee?
Yes. 60 days, No Questions Asked. 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason or no reason.
Who Is The Trainer?
Craig Sigl is the mental toughness trainer for youth sports. Having been inside the minds of hundreds of kids worldwide in personal sessions, you are going to discover secrets that kids don’t tell their parents, and find the balance between winning and enjoying the process. 

His work has been featured on NBC TV’s “Evening Magazine” show, Huffington Post Live, Golf Magazine, numerous radio shows and the Seattle P.I. newspaper for his work with youth athletes. 

He has created 15 training programs for athletes sold in 32 countries since 2004, he writes to over 30,000 parents, coaches and athletes in his newsletters, and he’s the author of the ebook: "The 10 Commandments For A Great Sports Parent.”

Craig is most proud of his role as a father of 2 boys who excelled in sports, but more importantly, learned life skills such as courage, confidence and commitment while having a ton of fun. 

Help your athletes integrate this training into their cellular intelligence and their emotional mind in order to make confidence something they keep for life with our BONUS PROGRAMS
These have a double benefit in teaching the athletes how to "visualize"- a scientifically-proven mental skill which is highly valued in elite athletic competition. 
Bonus #1: 
"8 Minutes To Confidence" Guided Visualization Audio
This guided visualization is designed for a quick boost, perfect for the car ride to competition. By the time you arrive, your kid will be totally ready and triggered into the Confident State! I do the work for them in just 8 minutes!
Bonus #2: 
"Confidence Deep Dive" Guided Visualization Audio
This 20-minute recording is a condensation of the entire training that provides an easy way to get in the repetitions needed to make these new beliefs long term and part of their automatic response mechanisms. 

I recommend listening to this as your kid falls asleep at night or any time they need to wind down and take a break.  
Here's What You'll Get With The Confidence From Scratch Training Program Today
✓ 12 Confidence-Building Tactics: Techniques and Strategies broken down into bite-size chunks that every young kids can easily use.
✓ 2 Guided Visualizations professionally recorded on .mp3 to make confidence an automatic response.
This course is built on Craig Sigl's new proven-effective R.A.C.E Formula Training Method for athletes and competitors
60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back-Guarantee
60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. That's right! If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied for any reason whatsoever, tell us and we will give your money back. You have nothing to lose. Commit yourself righ not to reaching your goal! You deserve this chance!
Only $99
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