In 4 Hours, Transform Your Team Into Fearless, Focused And Determined Competitors
 Teach Mental Toughness To An Entire Team, 
Using A Proven System... Here's How:
"Craig, this would be such a dream job if I didn't have to spend half my time babysitting, parenting, mediating arguments, and playing wet nurse to all my players..."
H.S. Volleyball Coach, Seattle WA 
"Craig, this would be such a dream job if I didn't have to spend half my time babysitting, parenting, mediating arguments, and playing wet nurse to all my players..."
H.S. Volleyball Coach, Seattle WA
This high-level performance training will transform your teen athletes into self-generated & sustained confident, focused, determined & resilient athletes and set them up to support each other on a team so you can focus on skills and strategy.
This training is a step-by-step, systematic process proven to work by thousands of teen athletes worldwide. There is no guesswork and you also have flexibility to fold it into your current style and teachings.

This training will eliminate performance anxiety, team infighting, defeatism, and overthinking. This will also assist your players to discover their strengths and exploit them for maximum optimization in competition while under pressure.
This training is a systematic program composed of 8 mental toughness meetings, approximately 20-30 minutes each, created specifically for high school teams. You can either learn and deliver the meetings yourself (or an assistant) or let me do all the work by just showing the meetings I have done for you and you just facilitate the integration into your sport and your coaching methods.  

Each lesson is broken down into manageable and attainable steps and optional exercises to solidify the mental skills. You get results without feeling overloaded with content and feel confident that your team is learning. These are proven, tested successful methods. 
I have also created a separate (under-the-hood) training video for each meeting talking directly to you, the coach, to help you understand the concepts and what I am doing with the kids in each meeting video. 

The content is delivered to you immediately after ordering through email logins for access inside our private membership website. You can go through the action steps at your own pace and get support whenever you need it. You will own this for life and have the ability to use it season after season.
You have a full 90-Day Guarantee - No questions asked, 100% refund upon request if you are not satisfied in any way.
Instead of the usual "treat-the-symptom" ineffective sports psych advice like:
  • Set your goals and believe in yourself
  • Practice having good self talk
  • Deep breathe whenever you're nervous
  • Face your fears
I have proven, from my work with 1500+ competitors in person and tens of thousands online worldwide, that - You Have To Do The Mental Toughness Work At The Level Of The Unconscious Mind if you want the results to be permanent.
Through relentless research, meticulous tracking, and a driving curiosity for innovation, a systematic process was developed that I call:
This Is A Major NEW Breakthrough In The Science of Human Performance!
Selling Young Athletes On Mental Game Training 
So They Are Self-Motivated To Actually Do It!
We define Mental Toughness as: Focused, Confident, Determined, and Resilient... especially under pressure. High School athletes are highly conditioned to connect the dots between working on their physicals and better performance in competition. 

However, when it comes to mental skills such as Focus and Confidence, their default programming is to think: “That's only for broken people." 
Very few coaches or parents have real solutions. You must break them through that disconnect or very few players will actually listen or implement mental training.

We start out by having them declare their outcome and then, the magic is, we tie back everything we do in this course to what they say they want. Foundational universal principles that give them an easy-to-understand structure and framework: 
You get a specially-designed survey handout to help draw this out and the coach keeps it and uses it the rest of the season. This sets up SELF-MOTIVATION and SELF EFFICACY, which gets the players to not only want to do this work, but hold each other accountable to the principles.
How To Teach Them To Believe In Themselves
Coaches and parents are famous for saying: “You need to believe in yourself."From my work with countless athletes, who tell me things that they would never tell their parents, the kids DO NOT FULLY KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS LET ALONE HOW TO DO IT. 
What does work, in reality, is to give the kids an understanding of how their mind operates so they can take control of it using the analogy of a car. The core of this meeting is to get the kids out of the victim mentality… that they are at the mercy of their thoughts and feelings. Instead, they learn that they can choose their thoughts and beliefs, which trigger powerful bodily states, which increases the likelihood of performing their best.

We don’t wait to fail in competition before we decide to work on the physical skill that was needed and so it is that we also don’t wait to fail to work on our mental skill that was needed. 
In this meeting, we begin using a mental toughness journal and a theme that runs through this whole training: 
6 Actionable Strategies To Create It From Scratch 
All athletes know that they play better when they think and feel confident and they want it. Confidence (or lack of it) is a term that is thrown around far too often in the sports world as a catch-all description for what is wrong or what is right with athletes with regards to their performance. 

So, once we have set the athlete up for success using the training in the previous modules, then we can get to work building confidence!
The first thing we do in this meeting is to destroy the 2 biggest blocks to building confidence in the first place.

1. That you even need confidence to achieve anything! You don’t. If you think you need it, and you don’t have it one day going into competition, well then, you’re screwed. 

2. That confidence only shows up AFTER you have success or that it is somehow a random gift bestowed on the athlete from outside themselves. Once young athletes break free from these limiting beliefs, then confidence can be built systematically and methodically, JUST LIKE PHYSICAL SKILLS with drills and proven techniques all taught in this meeting. Having confidence is not magic, IT CAN BE CONSTRUCTED FROM SCRATCH.
3 Mental Drills That Are Effective Even For ADD Kids
Have you ever told a kid something like: “Get your head in the game.” or “Stop overthinking.” and the kid looks at you with a blank stare or hangs their head in shame?

How would you like to be able to say just two words, in competition, that everyone understands the full meaning of, that doesn’t trigger the kid to feel bad about themselves and instantly shifts them instantly TO FULLY ENGAGED IN THE GAME OR OR IN PRACTICE, on command? Or better yet, have the captain or others on the team do it for you all season?
This is easily accomplished once you have taught the underpinnings of what focus is and HOW TO UTILIZE THE KIDS' NATURAL ABILITY TO FOCUS for long periods of time. Kids can spend hours on end playing video games or watching movies, 100% involved. This is the potential you can tap into for sports.
Most of the typical instruction on how to set goals can cause performance anxiety. Discover how to use this skill to generate action and hard work to make achieving goals a reality, and not just a daydream.
If you’ve ever tried to teach kids about goal setting, you know that only a very small percent of kids will actually follow through and use it’s power.

Human brains are not fully formed until our mid 20’s and the last part to form is the function that controls “delayed gratification.” You have to sell kids on goal setting by breaking down their long term goal into training goals and competition goals. A long term goal is only useful for creating the plan that generates the training and competition goals. Once the plan is developed to achieve the long term goal, it should only be revisited when an athlete needs motivation to work the plan.
Too many athletes follow their heroes who say things like: “Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there” which is terrible advice for 99% of kids who do not have the belief structure to support that and so they end up with pie-in-the-sky fantasies. This results in either very little real, consistent work to achieve the goal, giving up, or contributing to performance anxiety. EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING CREATES A DESIRE FOR ACTION AND A PASSION FOR LEARNING HOW TO IMPROVE.
What would it be like if your entire team consistently played like they do in practice - gutsy, aggressive, fluid, and free to go all out because they didn't fear failure?
Fearless Nervousness, doubt, worry, anxiety, tension, tightness, timid play, and even lack of confidence are because of FEAR. 

In our formula, the greatest interference is FEAR,  
We call it performance anxiety in the sports world. What your players will learn in this meeting is the heart and soul of my work from years of specializing in helping kids get over fears.  
Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of getting hurt, fear of disappointing teammates, coaches and parents. The bottom line here for you as a coach is this: You can tell them to face their fears all day long and it will not touch underlying cause of their fears. Some kids can temporarily push through their fears and this why we all observe the young athlete as having “inconsistent confidence.” I have taken hundreds of fear-wracked, stressed out, paralyzed young athletes to becoming champions. This meeting will show you how to do it for your team.
Go way beyond your typical advice to "see yourself winning" and learn the scientific method to do it right.
In our foundational formula: 
Mental practice is an extremely efficient skill for boosting the potential and the perfect complement to learning physical skills in half the time. 

Most coaches and mental gurus teach, at best, a very elementary lesson on mental practice and often do more harm than good by using language that creates confusion and inadequacy. 

“See yourself on the podium accepting your trophy”does very little to help a young athlete do what is really needed: ACQUIRE AND MASTER SKILLS!
In addition, your players also learn how to use it for: 
  • Competition situations you can’t practice in real life
  • Bodily processes to speed up healing, increase strength, speed, stamina, etc.
  • Solidifying and reinforcing game time peak performance states
  • Effective use of the mental toughness journal.
Imagine every one of your players playing with "Heart" and the "Never Give Up" mentality
Every coach knows that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. And, In the football movie, Rudy, there’s a line where the coach says: “I wish God would put your heart in some of my players bodies.”

Well guess what? There’s a proven way to systematically bring out a player’s determination, resilience and fighting spirit. Athletes are athletes because of the inner drive to express their competitive nature.
They already have the ability to release the chemicals of passion and excitement to strive with everything they’ve got for themselves, their teammates…and for YOU!

You just need to clear out all the mental baggage preventing that and then light the fire on the fuel they have stored for game time. Like all other skills, you can teach determination and heart and then reap the rewards when it matters. 
Handouts For Each Meeting For Coaches & Players
You get templates for this step-by-step program so that you can be do as much as you want or as little as you want to get the results you want…the power of team synergy and a group of kids who support and police themselves toward a common goal. 
For each meeting, I have created the exact tools you will use as handouts and visuals. The coaches guides have suggested review questions, exercises, and drills you can do any time. The player’s handouts are the perfect complement to this program for a take home after each meeting to continue the process.  

Whether you use the program like a buffet and choose the tools you want, or let me do all of the work based on my proven R.A.C.E. formula, you have the tools to use season after season. 
Here's What You'll Get With Your
Coaches Mental Toughness Toolbox Today:
✓ 6 hours of video/audio training for coaches to teach Mental Toughness to teen sports teams in 8 Pre-practice meetings based on Craig Sigl’s world famous R.A.C.E. Formula system. 

✓ 8 “Done-For-You” videos by Mental Toughness Trainer you can just play for the team meetings.

✓ 8 Coach/Facilitator Guides and 8 player handouts. 1 for each meeting to tailor the instruction to your sport and unique team issues.

✓ 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. That's right! If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied for any reason whatsoever, tell us and we will give your money back. You have nothing to lose. Commit yourself right now to becoming an expert in teaching mental toughness!

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